We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Even in summer, a dachshund may need a raincoat overalls to go outside in the rain. After a walk in light clothes, there is no need to bathe or dry your pet, it will be enough to wash his paws.
The lower the temperature falls, the more relevant becomes warm clothing. In dry windy weather, the dog will be comfortable in a knitted jumpsuit, a cape or a sweater. For a very harsh winter, you can sew a warm set of cashmere or fleece.
Rain, snow and cold require connecting protection from cold and moisture, so you should prepare a jumpsuit of waterproof fabric on a padded pad.
In very cold weather the dachshund can be brought out for a walk in a fur coat.

On this list of necessary things for walking could be completed, but let’s not forget about the stylish clothes for the mood. In this list, we boldly include fashionable collars, bows, hats, dresses and costumes. Lovely excesses will become an indispensable attribute for participation in thematic exhibitions, holidays and parades.

And now we go from words to deeds and make sure that we do all this on our own. not such a difficult task!

Fast food insulation

It took about 10 minutes before this first use, and it took about an hour to turn it into a “reusable decent” suit 🙂

If in the morning, looking out of the window, you find that the weather has deteriorated sharply, and a faithful friend is strongly asking for a walk, you can make a quick suit.

Our choice. sleeve from the old sweater (perfect. male). Feel free to cut it off. Measure the distance from the collar to the front legs. To measure we add 5-7 cm, and at this distance we cut holes for paws. Trying on a "sweater" for a taxi, you may have to clarify its length, and probably shorten it on the tummy.
The whole process will take no more than 15 minutes. Style and accuracy today will suffer, but the speed of "sewing" will pay for some of the flaws of the model.
Later, the sweater can be modified by turning over the bottom edge and finishing the sleeves for the front legs.

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How to take measurements

The success of creating stylish and warm clothing for dachshund is determined by the accuracy of measurements.

The most important sizes:

  • back length from the collar to the base of the tail, (DS);
  • neck girth, (OSH);
  • chest girth behind the front paws, (Og);
  • girth of the abdomen in front of the hind legs, (Coolant);
  • girth of the front paws at the widest point, (OPL);
  • girth of hind legs at the widest point, (NZL);
  • distance from the collar to the front legs (DOL);
  • distance between the front legs (Dpl).

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

According to these measures, you can build a pattern of any model.

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Universal paper pattern for dachshunds. On its basis, you can practically not limit yourself with anything 🙂 (photo is enlarged by clicking)

We need a sheet of soft paper length DS+10 cm and wide Og+10 cm. We fold it in half, we get a long narrow rectangle with sides DS+10 and (Og+10) / 2. On distance DOL+5 from the narrow edge mark the line of the front paws. Stepping back from the fold line half the distance between the front legs, cut holes for them.
Dress sheet on the dachshund and gently pin on the back of the paper cylinder with pins. In wide places (on the chest), the paper structure will sit tightly, and on the tummy and neck – freely. To make future clothes fit, darts are made in these places. They are laid on paper, then to take into account when cutting clothes.
In the neck can turn 3 or 4 darts, two of which – on the chest, and the rest on the back. The darts in the hind legs are located on the abdomen.
The final touch – adjust the length of the product. The main thing to remember is that for convenience while walking, clothes on the tummy are made shorter than on the back.
Remove the pins and free the pet from the finished pattern. According to this layout, it is quite possible to build any model of clothing for dachshund: from blankets to overalls. The only refinement for the latter will be the construction of sleeves and pants.

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Getting Started

It is better to carry out the first tests on the simplest and most versatile model of clothing for dachshund – a blanket The result should turn out like in photo 3.
A flap of 70×70 cm fabric, a slanting bei about 3 m and a sticky tape about 30 cm will be enough for work.

  1. We put a paper pattern (see picture above) on the wrong side of the fabric, outlined with chalk.
  2. Cut, making allowances of 1 cm around the perimeter of the pattern.
  3. Sew a rectangle 11×17 cm for the breast along the AB line.
  4. Sewing darts on the back of the blankets.
  5. Edging blanket on the edge.
  6. Sew Velcro or buttons for fasteners on the side and on the breast.

If you plan to make warmed blankets, then you should cut out a warming pad made of padding polyester and fleece lining. All three parts cover one drawing, on each one they grind out darts, sew a rectangle for the breast. After three layers (fabric top, insulating gasket and lining) are connected to each other along the edge. Then perform step 5 and 6.

More complex models

Knitted sweater "free fit", it comes to the tummy, the throat can be raised higher. Nuance model. in the exact fitting gum at the end of the chest: it should, on the one hand, sit tight, on the other. do not drag the body.

Craftswomen of hand knitting will love dressing their dachshunds in sweaters and overalls. You will need knitting needles No. 3 or 4, preferably on a fishing line, in order to carry out fittings during knitting, and about 200 grams of threads of medium thickness. The most popular model is a sweater raglan. His knitting start with the neck, after calculating the density of the fabric.
To prevent wrinkles from gathering around the neck, shortened rows are knitted from the back. The sleeves for the front legs fit in the same way as the fingers on the gloves. At the same time for the front legs the sleeve length will be less than for the rear. You can use patterns for other breeds, the main thing. Do not forget about the proportions of the body and paws.
Work will take one evening, and the pleasure of a ready-made sweater will be much.

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It should be remembered that in the wardrobe the dachshund should have several outfits for one season, because the clothes get dirty quickly and need to be washed frequently. All outfits should be practical and comfortable. If the clothes annoy the pet, they will soon be removed and will not bring benefit to the animal.

Ideas from krohotun.com on the theme of the so-called fashion:

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Sweater for dwarf dachshund with heart buttons

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Original hat (set with a sweater above)

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Knitted sweater with three buttons on the chest.

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Knitted bib overall: warm and sexy

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Coat, sewn from the old scarf 🙂

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Raincoat with a hood: perfectly protects from dampness in summer

We Learn To Sew Clothes For Dachshunds With Their Own Hands

Taksyatsky fashion of the 70th: strict and functional suit