We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

In your closet there will definitely be a couple of T-shirts, socks and tights from which you can create fashionable and beautiful little things for dogs of small breeds. Prostozoo will give you some ideas.

Sock turns into … jumpsuit

It will take: 1 sock, knitting thread “weed”, hook, elastic thread, for example, “spandex”, 1 sheet of thick paper.

  • Put the sock heel up. Draw a mid to heel line. From the center of the heel, retreat 3 cm and draw a perpendicular line (this will be the line of the front paws). Measure from this line 9-11 cm (depending on the size of the dog) and draw another perpendicular (line of hind legs). On the paw lines, mark the places where there will be holes, leave a 3-5 cm gap between the legs.
  • Cut out paw hole patterns from thick paper: two circles with a diameter of 3 cm (front paws) and two ovals 6×3 cm (hind legs). Sew the patterns to the sock so that the mark of the paws on the toe falls on the center of the pattern.
  • Before cutting the holes, sew a “needle forward” seam along the edge of the template with elastic thread (this seam is also called machine thread). This is necessary so that the “arrows” do not go from the holes and the toe is not dissolved. Now you can remove the patterns and feel free to cut the holes.
  • Tie a hole with a pattern "thread" with the pattern "double crochet". If the hook is not tamed by you, do not be discouraged! Feel free to grab the needle with the largest eye and loop around the holes with a stitched seam.
  • Try on the overalls on the dog and mark the necessary slots (pop). Treat them in the same way as the neck and the paw holes.
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You can create another model of the overalls from the second sock, finishing the trousers and sleeves.

Sock and T-shirt turn into … dress

Need: T-shirt, sock.

  • Cut off the top of 9-10 cm from the sock (dress bodice). Mark holes for paws, cut.
  • Cut off the bottom of the shirt (skirt). Important: the skirt should not be too long and sag on the dog, otherwise the pet will be confused in the hem and stumble. Therefore, it is better to sew a double skirt, that is, fold the material of the T-shirt in half.

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

In the photo, a dotted line indicates the place where the t-shirt is sewn with a skirt.

  • Fold around all cut edges. To the holes for the paws you can sew the sleeves from the edge of the T-shirt.
  • Sew the top of the dress to the hem.

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

Panty hoses turn into … overalls

Need: children’s tights (size depends on the size of the dog).

The main thing is that the tights are elastic and well stretched, so pay attention to the composition, it must be elastane or spandex.

  • Cut tights at a distance of 7-8 cm from the crotch. Process and bend the edges, sew. Turn out shorts.
  • Make cut-off straps from cut-off trousers. To do this, cut socks off your trousers (above the heel), process and sew the edges of the trousers.
  • A wide part of the leg (where the thighs should be) sew to the waist of the shorts. To make the bib, sew the widest parts together before the neck of the animal.
  • Sew the buttonholes to the narrow part of the legs, and the buttons themselves to the waist of the back of the shorts.
  • Now cross the straps on the back (so that they do not move out, you can fix them in the place of crossing) and fasten to the shorts.
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Funny overalls ready!

T-shirt turns into a … dress

It will take: children’s t-shirt, cloth, colorful ribbons.

  • Before t-shirts with a pattern – the back of a dog dress. To get a bodice, cut the bottom of a T-shirt.

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

  • If the bodice is wide, make a recess in front.
  • To sew a dress skirt, measure the waist circumference, set aside on the fabric and the length from waist to tail. In the middle of the waist circumference line, draw a perpendicular line – the length from waist to tail.
  • Fold the fabric in half and smoothly connect the extreme point of the waist with the point of the tail.
  • Cut the skirt blank, process the edge.
  • Sew multicolored ribbons to your skirt.
  • Sew the dress bodice with a skirt.

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

The dog is ready to go!

We Sew Clothes For Dogs Without Patterns

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Published on site: 10/30/2013