Clothing For Small Dogs Self-Manufacturing Process

Clothing For Small Dogs Self-Manufacturing Process

Today, clothes for small dogs are gaining more and more popularity, especially when it comes to very expensive, purebred animals, which are no longer just pets, but also an element of status in society and the general image of the owners. However, it should be noted that such a delicacy is popular mainly among dog lovers living in cities, and for the villagers a pet outfit is still considered a wonder.

Clothing for dogs of various breeds is distinguished by a rather attractive look, which simply delights both the owners themselves and all the people around them. In addition, winter clothing for dogs of small dogs truly protects a pet from hypothermia during walking, especially in winter. Today, the range of such products can be found specially warmed versions of costumes.

Most often, such an accessory is tailored in strict accordance with the addition of a particular dog, taking into account all its individual characteristics, as well as the properties that are characteristic of this breed. There are, of course, summer options, which are directed mostly to give the pet a more attractive look. This article will address the issue of clothing of the smallest pets, as well as the process of self-production.

Proper selection of clothes

Not everyone knows that clothes for small dogs are not always a useless luxury item or the usual whim of a little strange owner. Animal things are just as necessary as the man himself. Especially this applies to those species that are derived by an artificial method and are on the street only during walks.

Mongrel, as well as wild dogs, unlike these breeds, are perfectly adapted to the most severe climatic conditions. Below is a list of things recommended for purchase or self-tailoring using patterns.

Most often clothes for dogs of small breeds consist of:

Warm clothing (jackets, coats). These things must be worn in winter.

  • Waterproof clothing (blankets, raincoats). Raincoats protect the animal’s hair from moisture in the rain and dirt. There are also lightweight versions – summer raincoats, which are worn to protect the pet from poisonous insects, tenacious seeds and thorny plants.
  • Headdress. Hats and caps are required for those animals that may suffer from various diseases of the ears. Also, this attribute will be useful on hot days, for salvation from direct sunlight.
  • Footwear. Sometimes the cheapest clothes for dogs of small breeds. Initially it may seem that the doggie does not need such an element of clothing at all, but on the contrary, it causes even inconvenience. However, shoes contribute to the protection of delicate pads from damage (about sharp objects, asphalt), as well as drying.
  • Naturally, this has nothing to do with a variety of costumes for carnival, decorations for pets and fancy dresses. They are often used to participate in various contests and exhibitions, even if they cause the dog some discomfort.

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    You should know that the sizes of clothes for dogs are always selected individually. True, there are animals that just love to wear different clothes or jewelry. In that case, why deny yourself the satisfaction of wanting to pamper a dog by sewing new clothes with your own hands. We also recommend to look at the article: Food for small dogs: what selection criteria are there?

    Clothing for small breeds

    However, there are rocks that differ in their own biological features. For them, dress patterns should be specially tailored and reworked. Small doggies differ in a slightly different body structure than large dogs – they have a shorter neck and legs.

    Just for such pets should consider the following features when self-tailoring:

    1. Yorkshire terriers have a long and very fluffy coat. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a pattern of the body and back somewhat wider, for a more loose fit of clothes. Such a pattern of clothing for dogs of small breeds will not allow the animal’s hair to roll, will not crush and cause pain, respectively.
    2. Dachshunds differ in their long body and short legs. For this reason, you should make the appropriate measurements before starting the pattern, and also add length. At the same time, the shortened sleeves should not be tight, but free, in order to prevent paws being constrained during movement.
    3. French bulldogs are characterized by a muscular and massive neck. Therefore, knitting clothes for dogs of this type involves the manufacture of an enlarged armhole with a light-weight lightweight rubber or without it, so that the clothes do not interfere with breathing or do not press.

    You should also remember to make a pattern, each pet should measure the depth of the chest, the length of the back from the collar to the tail, the width of the hypochondrium, as well as the girth and length of the paws.

    Materials for knitting clothes

    Before you start knitting needles for dogs of any item of clothing, you need to decide on the choice of yarn, which is on the market today a very large number. It should be remembered that the dog is a creature in need of care, similar to a child. Accordingly, such yarn should not cause allergies and inflammation in animals. For tailoring used yarn from the very different wool, which will be described below.

    The main types of yarn are as follows:

    • Flax and cotton. This yarn is made only from environmentally friendly material grown without the addition of pesticides. If you want to choose a multicolored yarn, you should know that it is dyed only with natural dyes. Such material is very durable. Let it absorb moisture quickly, but it dries quite well. Therefore, knitted things for dogs of small breeds – patterns for patterns can be found on thematic sites;
    • Rayon or silk. This type of yarn is suitable for knitting with flax or cotton. It is used for knitting blankets and openwork dresses. Rayon, unlike natural, is less durable, for this reason it is not applied in its pure form.
    • Wool. This yarn is much lighter and more elastic than all the others. If we knit knit clothes for small dogs, it will keep warm, which is especially important in the winter cold. True, it is better to dilute it a little artificial or vegetable fiber.
    • Angora wool. This material is obtained from the wool of the Angora rabbits. It does not apply in its pure form, since dog such clothes will not be very comfortable to wear. Usually it is packaged with acrylic or merino wool.
    • Merino wool. It should be noted that such material is very expensive. To slightly reduce the cost of such material, some manufacturers add to it a variety of fibers. An ideal material for clothing designed for bald types of dogs.
    • Camel’s wool. It can be both soft and more rigid. Such material is usually not painted, but used in natural colors.
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    Regardless of the chosen material, for the manufacture of clothing you will need a knitting scheme for small breed dogs explaining the sewing process in all details.

    Making various attributes of clothes

    To avoid trouble with buying clothes for your pet of the wrong size, as well as to get a really high-quality item, it is better to make it yourself. Below will be described the options for self-production of various attributes of clothing for small breeds of dogs.

    Making simple blankets

    Normal dog blanket involves measuring the length of the back from the collar to the tail, as well as the neck girth. The back component is able to consist of 2 parts or be single cut. In the second version, the fabric must be folded in half. We should not forget about the need to leave a seam allowance on each component.

    Then the collar and back are connected along the line, and the different parts must match. After the collar is sewn into the ring, and the belt is fixed to the bottom edge. Moreover, the T-shaped part of the belt should cover the back of the animal, and the blanket is fixed. For the tail, you can make a loop. If you make the belt pattern wider, it will close most of the pet’s tummy. A warm lining can be added to the inside of the product.

    Knitted blanket

    In general, knitting for dog blankets involves starting work with a collar, in which the number of loops should be 2-3 per 1 centimeter. The collar should be knitted round to the required length, after which 1/3 of the loops should be closed. After that, the back is knitted with a backing, while adding the 2nd row one loop at each edge.

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    When the size of the fabric reaches 6 cm, knitting continues without single crochets. For 9-15 cm to the bottom edge, the outer loops are removed by tying them 2 each edge. It should be noted that carrying out knitting for dogs – schemes of various attributes of clothes can be found on the Internet.


    To make a dog sweater, you can use the sleeve from your own item of clothing knit bulk.

    Clothing For Small Dogs Self-Manufacturing Process

    It is necessary to measure and set aside the length of the pet’s back with a margin of 3-6 cm. After that, a place should be marked for the sleeves, which is then cut out and the resulting holes processed. The remains of the sleeves will be useful for cutting out 2 rectangles, of which 2 "tubes" are stitched together – original sleeves of a dog sweater. They are sewn to the sweater, after which the bottom of the hem and sleeves is overlaid. Clothing for dachshunds is particularly successful in such sleeves. Knitting for dogs of small breeds of sweaters and vests is also very popular.


    Clothing For Small Dogs Self-Manufacturing Process

    For the manufacture of hats for small species of dogs, you must first determine the number of loops. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect 20 loops on the needles, then tie 10 cm and count how many loops fit in the 1st centimeter. The animal should measure the circumference of the head and divide the resulting number in half. After this, the required number of loops is typed. A canvas is bound to equal the double height of the cap.

    The last and the first 3-5 cm are knitted with 1 * 1 elastic. The resulting canvas is folded in half so that the elastic on the front part protrudes about 1-2 cm. The side seams are sewn together, and the corners of the cap are decorated with tassels or pom-poms. In addition, knitting small breeds of dogs hats can diversify scarf or scarf.

    In addition to buying clothes, you can make such things yourself. All sizes of clothes for dogs – the table for breeds can be found on thematic sites. Thanks to such information, it is not difficult to sew or tie any item of clothing for your beloved doggie. Read an article on feed for neutered dogs.