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I haven’t written anything on my site for a long time, so I’m going to talk a little bit at the beginning, and the description will go lower. So, those who are not familiar with me, you can skip the introduction in the form of four paragraphs …

More than a year ago, a little girl appeared in our house, and relatives eventually began to shame me: “All knitters knit little dogs, and you can’t? Well, yes … Forever you have no time. " And to get off, I started to knit a sweater. At once I will say that Monika is not my dog, I fulfill only the role of day nurse, while the mistress is at work. Well, in general, we had a lot of time with her for fittings, dressings, fit on the figure and so on …

Since I did not knit clothes for animals before, I decided to knit according to a book description. The book of Elena Yudina has long been covered with my homework and was on the shelf … 7 years! By the way, this is the description I was focused on.

I thought, now I’ll take a quick sweater and get back to my projects. Yeah … what about …

By a happy coincidence, I had a Saphir hinge in my possession, and just the yarn with such footage was specified in the description. The size of the sweater is straightforwardly given clearly under Monya … Then I immediately became alert, usually when I had everything going perfectly in the beginning, then there would be a lot of problems in the middle or the end. Well, okay … I untied the sample, I realized that I need to use knitting needles 1.5 sizes larger than the author. And she began to calmly knit … Tied the floor of a sweater, tried on Monet and ofigel! The belly is hanging. Well, maybe Max’s doggie from the advertising about the activism is wearing it, but Monya is not like that, she is a princess and everything should fit her body!

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In general, I probably tied him up three times … And all because of the belly … When it stopped hanging, the work was finished … Spring is also finished … Now the sweater is waiting for autumn :)))) It turned out to be pretty, but how my hind legs look I do not like it … I would modify this area … But, I think, I will return to this issue when I knit other things.

Materials and tools:

  • Yarn Sapphire from Vita
  • Spokes number 4
  • Needle for stitching

Description of how to knit a sweater for York.

Attention! Description compiled for the site Copying for third-party sites is prohibited!


Gathered on the knitting needles 66pet and knitted a rubber band 2/2 8 cm. And as it turned out later, this is not enough. If you knit and want to have a collar with a lapel, knit more.

Next, divide the knitting into two parts.


Attention! I will not mention the edge. We knit as usual, remove the first, knit the last in the wrong direction.

1st row: 22 front, 5 increments – 27

2nd row: 271 gum fin

3rd row: 1 increment, 27 gum elastic, 1 increment – 29

4th row: 291 gum broom – 29

5th row: 1 increment, 29kop gum, 1 increment – 31

6 row: 31 loop of the gum 1/1 – 31

7th row: 1 gain, 31 loops of gum, 1 gain – 33

8ryad: 33loops gum – 33

Row 9: 1 gain, 33 loops of gum, 1 gain – 35

Row 10: 35kind gum

Row 11: 4loops closed for armholes, 31 loop gum

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12 a row: 4loops closed for armholes, 27tepel gum

13-22nd: 27gun gum

23rade: 27tepel gum, scored at the end of a row 4 loop for armhole .31

24 row: 31 loop gum, scored at the end of a row 4 loop for armholes – 35

According to the description, when the length of the tummy from the collar reaches 14 cm, the loops should be closed. But I still had a tummy tumble, so after 3-4 rows I began to reduce the edges again until the number of loops reached 27.


1st row: 44 faces, evenly distributed 5 increments – 49

2 row: 49 lined – 49

3rd row: 1 increment, 49 front, 1 increment – 51

4th row: 51b – 51

5th row: 1 increment, 51 counters, 1 increment – 53

6 row: 53 lined – 53

7th row: 1 increment, 53 lancers, 1 increment – 55

8 row: 55 lined – 55

Row 9: 1, 55-person, 1-57

Row 10: 57 lined – 57

11ryad: 4loops closed, 53face

12ryad: 4loops closed, 49face

23ryad: 49face, scored for armored 4loops – 53

24ryad: 53 pinned, scored for armholes 4loops – 57

Next, knit to a length of 17cm. We knit the first and last 3 loops with a garter stitch (facial in each row). Then we reduce the width of the canvas, knitting in each edge of the front row 2 loops together. Having knitted the back up to 27 cm, close the loops by completing the last 2 cm with an elastic band 1/1.


Gathered 32loops and knitted with a rubber band 2/2 of 9 rows. Next loop closed.

Pants legs

I scored 42loops and knitted with a rubber band 2/2 of 11 rows. Next loop closed.

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Sewed the edges of the collar and performed the side seams. By the way, it seemed to me that it wasn’t very neat. Because next time I will knit in a circle. Well, I generally love seamless knitting …

Sew the sleeves and then sew them into the carcass.

Sewed the trouser legs and sewed them to the body. It was here that I tried on several times and sewed on my trouser leg further and further so that she did not have the appearance of a pant leg separately waving from the body. But the author in the book advises quilting the pant leg from the inside out with rubber stitching. And I think it is reasonable, but I was reluctant to do it.

Then I got into the head that the sweater is dull and faded. I decided to do embroidery on the back in the form of stripes (I embroidered with a hook straight through the loops). Then it seemed to me that it visually lengthened the body. But still it was decided to leave it that way. Looks like a tracksuit


Here you go. It seems that’s all. A little later pofotkayu Monya also lay out pictures