Dog Fashion “How To Choose Clothes For Your Dog

Dog Fashion "How To Choose Clothes For Your Dog

Animal fashion may surprise you no less than the latest trends in women’s or men’s clothing. There are many styles and types of clothing for dogs, so sometimes it is so difficult to make the right choice. But still we will try to give valuable advice.

How to choose clothes for dogs:

Tip 1. Learn all about the breed of your dog and its usual behavior. Does she tend to chew on small items? If so, did you stop your pet from bad habits? If not, then initially refuse to buy clothes with ribbons, ties, buttons, beads and other small ornaments. By the way, it is clothes with an abundance of decor in fashion this season. And if your dog does not know how to behave correctly, then he should be punished and deprived of the opportunity to wear stylish things.

Tip 2. Make sure the fabric has no clues. A dog can easily become entangled in clothing if it is too wide. Clothes should be in size, not too wide and not too tight. Make sure that there are no open threads, especially on the sleeves.

Tip 3. Matter should be safe and non-toxic. Dogs chew everything, especially when they are bored. Find out what made accessories on clothes. In the fashion this season, inserts in the form of a large knit and practical canvas or rubberized fabric.

Dog Fashion "How To Choose Clothes For Your Dog

Tip 4. Proper dog clothing should be easily removed or worn. Choose pullovers with comfortable hook-and-loop fasteners, which are now very popular. Some dogs do not like it when their head is covered, even for a moment. Therefore, fun clothes with a hood fit only a pet with a calm disposition.

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Tip 5. Clothes, in addition to being aesthetic, should also correspond to the season. In the summer, it should be lightweight, breathable cotton T-shirts, sleeveless jackets, hooded sweatshirts and polo. In winter, dense coats, jackets and sweaters are necessary.

Tip 6. Pick up the "front" clothes for any occasion. Clothing for ordinary walks in the park or for a picnic should have a simple cut and look sporty. But the dogs of small breeds look charming in dresses with ruffles or pockets. For special festive occasions on sale you can find evening dresses and tails for dogs.

How to take measurements

Set the dog level and measure the length from the base of the neck to the start of the tail. If the resulting length varies between two sizes, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of a larger one.

You need to measure the widest part of the chest: the reference point – just behind the front paws. To make the dog feel comfortable, add 3 cm to the result.

Equal to the size of the collar – measure the widest part of the neck. Pay attention to the neck of clothes. The best option – the presence of adjustable zippers, zippers or wide elastic bands.