How To Choose Or Sew Clothes For Chihuahua Breed Dogs

Chihuahua’s homeland is sunny, hot Mexico. Therefore, it is not easy for dogs of this breed to warm themselves in frosty, windy and rainy weather. And even home drafts can be a real test for a little dog. To help the pet to relax with comfort and fun to run on walks is capable of clothes, tailored to the structure of the body of the dog.

How To Choose Or Sew Clothes For Chihuahua Breed Dogs

Practical and decorative clothing

Without clothes, chihuahuas can be indoors at temperatures above 15 degrees. On the street, dogs of this breed quickly freeze, because:

  • small stature forces them to stay at the cold ground;
  • high metabolic rate quickly consumes the calories needed to warm the body;
  • Fearful pets are subject to "stress molt", their wool is not so thick.

In the climate of Russia, the Chihuahua breed dogs need the following clothes:

  • winter coveralls;
  • raincoat with a hood;
  • boot without sleeves;
  • suit with a comfortable neck;
  • blanket to protect the back.

In addition, the dog may need socks or shoes, panties for females, hygienic belt for males.

Sundresses, tuxedos, hats, carnival costumes are designed for decorative purposes. They raise the mood of the owner, make passers-by smile, but do not warm the pet, do not protect it from dust and parasites.

How to determine size

At puppy age, dogs can easily get used to everything new. And the first sweaters and pullovers should be of the appropriate size. Most often, the size is determined by three parameters:

  • A – neck girth (you can measure the length of the collar);
  • B – chest girth (measured behind the front paws);
  • C is the length of the back (from withers to tail).
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In addition to these indicators, many firms use their dimensional grids. Therefore, when buying jumpers, suits and overalls over the Internet, it is necessary to clarify the specifics of sizing with a consultant.

The choice of fabric

Winter clothes for chihuahua should be warm, but light. For the upper part of the suit fit waterproof nylon, and for the inside – air synthetic winterizer. Sheepskin is too heavy for a small dog, and artificial fur only cools the body. Choose dark or bright shades to see a pet in the snow from afar.

Raincoats and knitted sweaters should be a few pieces. Chihuahuas are walking 2-3 times a day. And every walk on the dog must be dry clean clothes. Choose a waterproof non-marking fabric for the jacket.

Make sure the lining is made of satin. Cheap lining materials are electrified when moving, and fleece is knocked off in mats.

The summer duster is sewn from a light breathable fabric to prevent the creation of a greenhouse effect. Light shades are able to reflect the sun’s rays and make the dog clearly visible in the grass. Overalls for protection against ticks should cover the whole body, tightly cover the paws and have zippers.

How to sew your own hands

  1. Cut the sleeve from the jacket.
  2. Measure from withers to tail.
  3. Cut off the excess part.
  4. Slot for front paws.
  5. Cut a piece of tissue on the abdomen so that it does not get wet when urinating.
  6. Handle the edges.

In the same way you can remake baby pants. For decoration, you should sew the edges along with a ribbon or colored braid.

How To Choose Or Sew Clothes For Chihuahua Breed Dogs

It is easy to knit a sweater or a jumper for Chihuahua with knitting needles. Use the pattern for knitting socks, and in the places of the front limbs, shorten 7-10 loops in a row and re-enter them in 5 rows.

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Next, knit in a circle to the middle of the dog’s belly. Close half of the loops and knit only the back area. Finish work when you reach the tail. Do the first sweater stocking, and for the next product, you can choose a more complicated pattern.

Choose a blended yarn that combines wool with synthetic fibers. In this case, the product will not stretch, will not sit down during washing, will not tear when it is tightened with a hook, but at the same time retain the warmth of the dog’s body.

How to teach Chihuahuas to dress

At first, the dog may show displeasure, escape, bark, try to bite. The following tips will help teach your pet to wear clothes:

  1. Keep the new thing in the closet for several days, so that it acquires the familiar smell.
  2. Reach clothing before leaving the house so that the process of dressing is associated with a walk.
  3. Do not regret and do not feed the resisting dog, do not encourage its whims.
  4. Act purposefully, persistently, calmly.

Soon the dog will appreciate the convenience and comfort of wearing jumpers, raincoats and overalls and will patiently endure the dressing process.