How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Needles Description, Photo

Our four-legged pets need care no less than little children. They need to be constantly monitored so that they do not fall from somewhere, do not tumble in the mud, freeze and get sick.

For small dogs, even special clothes exist: all kinds of overalls, special shoes, as well as hats for dogs.

How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Needles Description, Photo

Why does a dog have a hat?

Anyone who has never had a dog might think that clothes are for dogs. it is overkill.

But this is not the case: dogs with large open ears have a problem with hypothermia during the cold season, and dogs with long hanging ears should be protected from water, dirt and debris.

Strong wind, water in the ears can cause otitis in a dog, and the hot sun can easily bring the dog to sunstroke.

But every self-respecting craftswoman will always find time to make clothes for her pet: for example, you can knit a hat for a dog with knitting needles.

How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Needles Description, Photo

How to tie a hat for a pet

First you need to measure the head of the dog to find out the volume of the cap. Measurements are taken: head girth, the distance between the dog’s ears.

Next, you need to pick up the yarn: it must be natural.

To choose the size of the needles and calculate the required number of loops, you need to link a small sample.

There are many styles and schemes of hats for dogs:

– cap with closed ears;

– cap with open ears;

– cap with an extended neck and so on.

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A hat for a dog with knitting needles must be comfortable, otherwise the dog will not wear it.

Scheme and description

To associate a warm hat for a dog, you can use this description.

Measuring the circumference of the dog’s head and connecting the sample, we calculate the number of loops. Calculations better write.

In this example, you need to dial 44 loops in any convenient way:

26 loops will be used to knit the frontal part,

18 loops – for the occipital part.

1. First, we collect 26 loops, knit them with a 1×1 rubber band, about 1-2 centimeters in height.

2. Next, get another 18 loops (plus or minus 1 loop), so that there is no displacement of the pattern.

A set of loops in two steps is needed for the cap to have the correct anatomical shape.

3. Knitting unfold and knit looped loops according to the picture (1×1 gum).

4. Next, we begin to knit in a circle: you need to distribute the loops of the frontal part into two needles and continue to knit with a rubber band in the circle with the help of additional needles.

5. After knitting about 2-3 centimeters, you need to return to knitting on two knitting needles.

6. Divide the total by two (in this example: 44 divided by 2, it turns out 22 loops).

7. Since the frontal part must be knit from 26 loops, and the occipital. from 18, you need to evenly distribute 4 loops on the frontal part.

8. We remove the loops at the beginning of the row to the third knitting needle (we continue knitting with two knitting needles) and continue to knit until the end of the row.

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9. In the place where the incision was left (when looping set), there will now be the end of the row. This defect will then need to be carefully sewn up.

10. Now you need to go with three spokes to two, that is, remove the additional knitting needle.

To do this, remove all the loops on one needle, without disturbing the pattern with an elastic: 1 front, 1 purl, alternating 1 loop with each needle.

11. Next, knit in this way: the front loop is knitted, purl. just removed on the knitting needle. It turns out the so-called "double canvas".

So knit to the desired length.

12. Loop closure. The hat for the dog is ready.

Do not forget to try on a pet cap!

You can also use this scheme of hats for dogs.

How To Knit A Hat For A Dog With Needles Description, Photo

Decorate a hat

The finished hat can be decorated with additional functional and not very details.

You can add strings, pompons, any other decorations: you can not limit the fantasy.

Of course, you need to comply with the measure so that your pet does not become an object of ridicule.