How To Knit Slippers For Dogs

How To Knit Slippers For Dogs

It is no secret that small decorative dogs require shoes, not only for a walk, but also at home. Houses, of course, are not as cold as outside, but in slippers the dog will be much warmer and more comfortable. A small decorative dog in such slippers will feel just great and cozy. How to knit slippers for dogs, will be discussed further.

thirty grams of color and ten grams of black yarn (two hundred and fifty meters / one hundred grams) for the size of the sole four by five centimeters,

four needles (No. 2.5), a sewing needle;

1 m satin ribbon, rubber thread.

How to tie slippers for dogs:

Tie a sample of slippers for dogs. In order to determine the density of knitting. on the spokes we collect twenty-four loops and tie the eraser one by one thirty rows, the canvas should go out ten ten by centimeters. We collect eighteen loops with a double thread and tie thirty two rows, a canvas – ten by ten centimeters.

We measure the length and the width of the sole (here – five centimeters or sixteen rows, four centimeters or seven loops),

the height of the toe of slippers (one and a half centimeters or four rows),

height slippers (four centimeters or twelve rows),

on the upper edge of the slippers. girth of a paw (twelve centimeters or thirty six loops),

distance from toe to tops (two centimeters or six rows).

Begin knitting slipper for dogs from the sole, it is performed garter sticking. We type seven loops in two threads of black yarn and carry out two rows, in the third we add one loop on each side, then we continue the canvas up to the sixteenth row. In the sixteenth row from each edge we knit two loops together and in the next one. We close the loops.

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It is necessary to tie the top of the slippers. The first 2 rows knit knitting garter stitch. We collect on the edge of the sole a slipper with a colored thread on the first and third knitting needles with six loops each (heel and toe), eight loops each. on the second and fourth (side parts). In the second row we knit the heel and toe of the slipper, add three loops, add four loops to the sides.

Next, you need to tie a rubber band one by one four rows (height of the sock). Then we perform the front of the slippers for dogs. On the needle, where the toe loops are, we knit a six-row garter stitch (the distance from the toe to the shaft). On the “toe” knitting needle, knitting each last loop together with the first loop from the knitting needle of the side (first row. Front, second row. Wrong) and leaving it on the “toe” needle, then turning the knitting.

We continue to knit the toe of the slipper on four knitting needles (on each — nine loops after performing the sock) with an elastic band on another eight rows, and close the loops. In order that slippers did not fall down, we sew an ankle rubber thread. Cut the satin ribbon in half and sew it over the middle at the back of the boot.