How To Make Clothes For A Pet

In the cool season warm clothes are necessary not only for people, but also for their pets. This is especially true for breeds of cats and dogs, which by their nature are devoid of wool. These include, for example, such breeds of cats as the sphinx, and among dogs, clothing is urgently needed for such a breed as the Chinese Crested. Anyway, any smooth-haired, and not only cats and dogs, subject to domestic content, are sensitive to temperature extremes. An excellent solution would be a special warm clothes for our furry pets. Naturally, it is better to teach the animal to wear such accessories since childhood, because if you suddenly decide to put on a fashionable jacket on a solid Barsik, it will cause the animal at least bewilderment, and he will strive to get rid of the new dress in all possible ways.

How To Make Clothes For A Pet

Fifa in a warm sweater with a print

In general, our pets are not stupid enough, and very soon they realize the benefits and convenience of warm clothes. For example, there is a case when a toy terrier dog brought the hostess her warm blouse when she was cold and showed with all her appearance that it was necessary to immediately put it on her.
All this is wonderful, and the wealth of choice and design of clothing for four-legged fashionistas are pleasing to the eye. Now there are many companies specializing in sewing and selling clothes for animals, and you can choose the "outfit" for every taste and size.
There is only one nuance: as a rule, such clothes are very expensive. The starting price of the jacket for overalls for a small dog. around 2000 rubles. What to do when your pet needs warm clothes, and money, sorry for the tautology, the cat cried? That’s about it, in fact, will be discussed in our article.
You will need a little imagination, clothes that you don’t wear, and a sewing machine.

Types of clothes for pets

Clothes for our pets are of two types: decorative and functional. The decorative type of clothing is clothing that does not carry a practical load, but serves mainly for aesthetic purposes. These are all kinds of dresses, barrettes, vests, pants, T-shirts. all that in the assortment is close to the human wardrobe. These clothes can be worn on the animal in the summer. Funny and funny doggies or cats in a suit touches and cheers up.
The functional type of clothing includes: warm jackets, knitted wool sweaters, shoes, hats. all that will help the animal to keep warm and regulate body temperature in cold weather.

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Pattern building method

To compile a dressing pattern for an animal, we need to measure the parameters: neck coverage, chest coverage, back length, raglan line, distance between the legs, contour notch taking into account physiological features. Then we need to transfer these dimensions to paper in the form of a drawing, and in the future to build a pattern on a fabric or blanks for knitting to check on it. Above in the photo you can see the necessary parameters of measurement on the example of a dog.

  • back length from neck to base of tail
  • neck coverage
  • breast coverage
  • waist coverage
  • distance between the legs
  • belly length
  • chest width
  • front foot length
  • length of hind legs
  • belly length for males
  • distance from ear to ear
  • head coverage
  • muzzle coverage

The stages of tailoring for the animal on the pattern

Ready drawings drawings

Knitted products for pets

Before you start knitting, you need to take the measure from the animal and make the necessary pattern. Next you should choose a pattern, tie a small pattern, which determines the density of knitting, draw a pattern in real size and apply work to it when knitting.

Pet Clothes Options

Cat Romper

For sewing free jumpsuit for your cat, this option fits perfectly. The overalls will not hamper the movement of the animal, and will not restrict freedom of movement. For sewing overalls, we need any knitted material and buttons-clasps. Cutting details should be made on the basis of measurements: waist girth, back length, neck girth. The first part. This is a detail of the back, it comes in a double version. The second part. This is a detail before, it is also a steam room. When cutting it is necessary to take into account allowances. After all the patterns are ready, you can begin to sew. The details of the front are paired, they must be sewed, having turned the neck and having finished the edges with a secret seam. On the patterns for the back it is necessary to tuck the edges of the product in width by 2 cm (this is the place for the buttons), then with the wrong side up the patterns of the back and the front fold and sew along the shoulder and side bevels along the sleeve. Below the sleeve must be bent and stitch. In the final stage, sew a place for fasteners with fixing each button seat with at least five stitches. It is necessary to carefully control the coincidence of fasteners. To do this, preliminarily mark the location of the buttons with chalk or stitches of threads.

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Dog T-shirt

Summer T-shirt for a small breed dog is easiest to sew from a children’s T-shirt. From the collar of the T-shirt down, measure the length of the back of your dog, then lay the T-shirt on a flat surface with the front part up, measure the neck, divide it into three parts. Consistent with the size of your animal, draw a line cut. Cut along the cutting line and sew. The seam can be masked with a satin ribbon with buttons or beautiful embroidery.

Pet shoes

For cats or small dog breeds, sometimes shoes are also needed. It is necessary to protect the paws of animals from glass, chemical reagents that are sprinkled on the streets. Shoes can also be sewn from old unnecessary things. As a sole for shoes, suede, leather or some other waterproof materials are commonly used. For lining shoes used faux fur, fleece. To keep the shoes on the feet, stickies and elastic bands are used. When making shoes for your pet, the main thing is that gum does not squeeze the limbs. If the gum is too tightly cling to the foot, blood circulation may be disturbed. To make a shoe pattern, you need to put the animal on a piece of cardboard, circle the contour of the legs, and add about 2 centimeters for sewing and fitting. A good solution for making your own shoes for your pet will be knitted boots. If desired, a covering of waterproof material can be sewn over the knitted surface.
We form the sole of knitted boots from natural leather in two layers. Cut out the pattern, glue and stitch. Then, using knitting needles or a crochet hook, we form a boot cover of the required length and width. For knitting we need natural wool of thick yarn. We sew a boot cover to the base. for fixing on the foot, you can make stitches or sew Velcro. The version with velcro is more suitable for knitted boots with a waterproof coating.

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Knitted sweater for a dog from the sleeve of an old jacket.

Making an elegant sweater for your pet will take about 60 minutes. For the manufacture of sweaters, we need a sleeve from an old wool jacket. We measure the length of your dog’s back and other dimensions on the sleeve. At a short distance from the neck, which used to be the cuff of the sleeve, we make two slots for the front legs. We form sleeves of loose wool yarn of the same jacket and tie them up. Fasten them to the cut holes. Then we tie the edge of the product with a beautiful cuff. An elegant sweater ready.

Jacket for a kitten from terry sock

For a baby kitten a great solution, accessible to anyone in terms of ease of manufacture, will be a blouse made of terry socks. We need a terry sock bright colors. Cut off the toe sock at the base. In the area of ​​the heel cut holes for the legs. It’s best to do it this way: bend the sock around the heel and cut a hole in two layers at once. The original blouse is ready. The collar of the product can be decorated with the edge or cuff, to your liking.