Knitted Blouse For A Dog With Needles

Knitted Blouse For A Dog With Needles

The time of cold weather is not far off. It’s time to think about the winter wardrobe not only for ourselves, but also for our pets.

This knitted dog dress is also perfect for a cat blouse. Doing clothes for dogs with their own hands is a simple and inexpensive way to dress your pet stylishly and warmly. Knitted clothes for dogs with knitting needles can be different. We suggest you to tie clothes for a dog in the simplest way: using only two types of knittings – stocking knit and 1 x 1 elastic band.

Designer Whitney Christmas

This knitted blouse for a dog (or cat) of small and medium size. Clothing for small breeds of dogs is characterized by small size: less yarn is needed, but a little more to tangle.

How to determine the size of dog clothes

The girth of the dog’s body is 33 (45.5) cm

Length of knitted blouse for dog25 (30.5) cm

In order to tie up this charming dog dress with your own hands, take

  • Approximately 100 (150) grams of melange yarn (in the description of this yarn, we will denote the letter "A"). The composition of the melange yarn chosen by us is: cotton, acrylic, mohair, lurex, polyester; in one hank of our melange yarn about 80 meters of yarn and about 50 grams of weight.
  • We will also need about 100 (150) grams of blue yarn (we will denote this yarn by the letter “B” later in the description). The composition of the selected blue yarn is mohair, acrylic and a little polyester. In one skein about 50 grams of weight and about 108 meters of thread.
  • Needles with a diameter of 6.5 mm
  • Gobelin needle
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Density of knitting clothes for dogs

10 x 10 cm = 12 p. X 14 p. chul. elm., before work, fold the threads A and B.

So, how to make clothes for dogs

Back and shelf fashionable clothes for dogs and cats

Connect threads A and B. Type 30 (42) p. Knit with an elastic band, alternating 1 face and 1 purse, for 5 cm, finish with 1 r. on the front side.

Row 1st and all rows on the seamy side: knit all the loops in the seamy side.

Row 2nd (this is the front side): we knit 2 front loops, then add a loop and knit with facial until 2 loops remain, add another 1 loop, knit 2 facial loops (should make 32 (44) loops).

Rows 3–16: we repeat knitting the first two rows 6 more times. As a result, we get 44 (56) loops. Knit stocking stitched. The last 2.5 cm we end with the 1st row on the seamy side.

Arbors knitted clothes for dogs

The next row (on the front side): we knit 5 (7) face loops, attach the threads of the second hanks A and B and close the 5 (7) loops, knit with the front loops, until 10 (14) loops remain, attach the threads of the third hanks A and B and close the 5 (7) loops, knit the front loops to the end of the row. The product is divided into 3 parts. Knit each part separately stocking. Another 4 cm, finish the row on the wrong side.

Collar clothing for york dogs

Next row (front side): we knit with the front part of 1 and we collect 4 (6) loops, we knit the 2nd part and we collect 4 (6) of loops, we knit with the front until the end. As a result, we should get 42 (54) loops, knit another 20.5 (25.5) cm knitting stocking, then knit it with an elastic band, cutting one front and one purl loops, over a length of 5 cm. We close the loops without tightening it.

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Small dog clothes sleeves

Combining threads A and B, we collect 16 (22) loops. We knit a 5 cm rubber band, alternating between 1 face and 1 purl, we finish the elastic on the front side. We knit further stocking stitched another 11.5 (15) cm from the dial. Close the loop, not tightening.

Stitching knitted blouse for dogs

Discard the details. Run the seams of the sleeves. Sew sleeves in armholes. Sew the product so that the seam is under the belly.