Knitted Clothes For Dogs, Patterns, Patterns

Knitted clothes for dogs will help to protect a four-legged pet from the cold. This is especially important for small breeds and animals whose "fur coats" are not designed for frost. Craftsmen who are fond of needlework, knit or crochet a jumpsuit, costume, blanket or sweater is not difficult if they turn to the proposed schemes and instructions. A detailed description of the process will save knitters from the need to spend on the purchase of finished products and will allow you to create exclusive models.

The ability to knit or crochet will help create an exclusive dog outfit pet. However, before you start knitting a suit or overalls, you should:

  1. 1. Choose a model of knitted clothes for dogs.
  2. 2. Prepare materials and tools.
  3. 3. Take measurements from the dog.
  4. 4. Draw a pattern-basis.
  5. 5. Calculate the density of mating.
  6. 6. Choose a pattern.
  7. 7. Develop a pattern of a specific model.

Point 1 is individual for each master and owner of the dog. Although the model developers usually make recommendations at the beginning of the instructions for its implementation. Following is a listing of the necessary materials and tools. Using it, the master performs step 2 of the preparatory stage.

To make the product comfortable while wearing, you need a full-size part pattern. Before building the patterns, measurements are taken from the animal. Results are recorded. For this measuring tape measure:

  • back length from withers to tail;
  • girth of the neck (measure as close as possible to the base. shoulders);
  • chest girth (a centimeter tape is passed under the animal’s front paws, almost flush with them);
  • girth of the front paw at the base (closer to the stomach);
  • girth of the hind legs at the base (closer to the stomach).
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For dogs, boys need an additional measure – the length of the abdomen. It is measured from the throat to the sexual organ.

Here are the approximate measures of York for building patterns, which are supported in the following example:

Measurement Location

Size in cm

(for york boy)

Size in cm

(for york girl)

Front Paw Girth

As can be seen from the table, the length of the bitch’s abdomen is equal to the length of the back. it does not need to be measured, it is set automatically.

Draw a pattern on the material resistant to wear. The resulting pattern will have to use more than once in the manufacture of clothing with their own hands.

Knitted Clothes For Dogs, Patterns, Patterns

The basis pattern for modeling knitted clothes knots

You can make a draft on the newspaper, which is then transferred to cardboard, polyethylene:

  1. 1. To build a detail of the back, draw a rectangle ABCG, where AB is the length of the back, and BV is 1/3 of the chest circumference (when turning the pattern, 2/3 and 1/3 of the belly detail will turn out).
  2. 2. From the point A down lay 1/3 of the neck circumference, put the point D.
  3. 3. From point G to the right lay 3 cm (constant value for small breeds), put a point E.
  4. 4. Spend connecting piece DE. When cutting a piece, you need to put the top line along the fold of the paper so that when you turn it, you get a full-size pattern.
  5. 5. To build a detail of the abdomen, patterns of clothes for the knots are drawn in a rectangle ZhZIO, in which ZH – the length of the back, ZI. 1/3 chest circumference.
  6. 6. From points F and O lay 3 cm to the right (constant for small dogs). These are points L and N.
  7. 7. The segment of iron ore is divided into 3 equal parts by points K and M.
  8. 8. Conduct connecting segments CL, MN.
  9. 9. Patterns sleeves and legs are made with a bend, that is, in the drawing, they are presented in half natural. They have the shape of rectangles, where the width is the girth of the foot, the length is arbitrary.
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Pieces, the basis for making clothes for dogs, boys are drawn in the same way:

Knitted Clothes For Dogs, Patterns, Patterns

Pattern-basis for modeling knitted clothes for a dog

Only when constructing the details of the abdomen, the side of the HZ should be equal to the length of the belly of the animal (measured from the throat to the sexual organ).