What Are The Sizes Of Clothes For Dogs And How To Recognize Them

Already no one in the modern world is surprised by the fact that many owners buy clothes for their pets. This phenomenon has become habitual and rather everyday. However, many people look at it ironically and sometimes uncomprehendingly, mistakenly believing that the owners do not know where to spend the extra materiel, and, not inventing anything more appropriate than replenishing the wardrobe of their beloved dog, buy another thing for their four-footed friend. But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance …

Why does a dog need clothes?

Of course, there are people for whom buying beautiful and expensive clothes for a dog is a whim and a whim. But this is not the main, truly and, perhaps, the only reason for the additional warming of the animal. In the cold season, clothing is an excellent means of protecting a pet (smooth-haired or no coat at all). A dog, like any other animal organism, needs heat. And without additional weatherization, it can freeze, chill something or even worse, get complications and seriously hurt. Difficult natural phenomena and cataclysms (such as frost, snow, slush and mud) can have a negative effect on the animal’s body. Therefore, knowing all the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the pet, the owner must take timely care of him, buying products from the light manufacturing industry for him.

What Are The Sizes Of Clothes For Dogs And How To Recognize Them

If the owner intends to dress up his pet often, it is best to choose clothes from “light breathing” fabrics, since animals are not less sensitive to these or those materials.

Why is it important to choose the right size?

For the most part, pet clothing vendors insist on the necessity of trying on certain things, since several things belonging to the same company may sit down in completely different ways.

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The importance of choosing the right and appropriate size is explained very simply: the purchased item should not cause discomfort to the animal. The dog will not be like a man to endure for the sake of beauty and attractive appearance. A pet needs to feel warm and comfortable in clothes. It is worth noting that it is desirable to purchase a thing from natural materials, since synthetic fabrics can provoke an allergic reaction in some representatives of certain breeds.

How to determine the size of dog clothes?

In order to determine what size clothes pet, you must take measurements. The following parameters are measured using a flexible meter:

  • Back length To start measuring your back, you need to make sure that the pet is standing exactly. The length is measured using a tailor’s tape in the direction of the spine from the withers to the base of the tail. If at the end of the measurement turned out the length, which is located on the border between the two sizes, you must make a choice in favor of a larger size. When identifying the length, it is desirable to add two or three centimeters from above, remembering a simple rule: more is better than less. However, there are other subtleties: if the dog has a dense constitution and its chest is rather bulky, then you can safely add one centimeter. Then the clothes will sit well, and the pet will feel comfortable. If the pet is thin or lean, it is best to take clothes one size smaller;
  • Chest circumference. At this stage, the widest part of the chest should be measured. When identifying the size, it is recommended to add another three or four centimeters from above so that the clothes fit the body of the dog loosely. Here you should pay close attention to the chosen model of clothing: it all depends on the style of the thing, which can be both tight-fitting and loose;
  • Girth of the neck. It is necessary to take measurements from the widest part of the neck. As a rule, the neck circumference can be equal to the size of an animal’s collar. If the size of a particular model is determined, then the owner should pay attention to the neck of the clothes: the thing can be with a high collar or a different neck. But the most important thing is that the clothes should not put pressure on the dog’s throat.
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How to determine the size of a dog’s shoe?

In addition to clothes in cold weather, the dog also needs warming of the legs.

To determine the size of your pet’s shoes, you must perform the following steps:

  • Place a front paw of an animal on a sheet of paper;
  • To mark the distance from the claws to the level of the heel;
  • The results obtained (distance) measured with a ruler.

It is important to keep in mind that dogs have more paws than hind ones. Therefore, the size of the shoe is determined with the orientation on the front paws. When taking measurements, it will be desirable if the dog releases claws, because during walks in dogs under the weight of their weight, the legs flatten out and increase by a couple of millimeters, while the claws come out.

As a recommendation for choosing shoes for dogs, you can add the following:

  • When choosing shoes the owner must take into account the breed and weight of the dog;
  • When trying on for shoes, dressed on his paw, you need to slightly pull. If the shoe slips off easily, it is better to take the shoes a size smaller. If it sits firmly on the foot, the size is selected correctly. You can safely stop the choice on this footwear;
  • To pet wore shoes, you must give time to the animal, so that it is accustomed to such a thing. At first, it is best to only walk the dog for a walk. This will allow her to distract herself and forget about the unusual thing on her paws. When the animal gets used to go for a walk in the shoes, gradually it will be possible to teach him to walk in slippers.
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Overalls, sweaters, sweaters, dresses – all this and much more has become the usual wardrobe attributes for dogs. Dogs as well as people need to feel warm and protected from the influence of external climatic conditions in cold weather and cold weather. The combination of external beauty with the urgent need to take care of the comfort and health of the pet – this is the main goal of clothing and footwear for animals.